Hi, We're Cheyenne & Danica!

Just a couple of best friends making sentimental jewelry in our garages. 

O&A was a spontaneous idea.

We took metalsmith classes for fun and both eventually invested in our own little workshop setups at home. We wanted to learn how to cut and shape stones ourselves, but with the 2020 chaos, the class wasn’t being offered. So we started playing with resin stones and figured out breastmilk preservation. And then we were like, “Hey, let’s start a business!”
What we love about our little business baby, is that it’s not like other keepsake jewelry out there. We are really leaning into the fact that we are silversmiths. We aren’t just making stones...

we’re handcrafting the jewelry too.

Meet Cheyenne

Wife to the guy who made me mix CDs in high school.
Mother to the most chatty, curly-haired girl.
Nursery nurse.
Silversmith and breastmilk stone creator.

Creating is my comfort zone, and I like it that way. If I’m not making something with my hands, I bet you I’m thinking up a dozen projects in my busy mind. Metalsmithing is the thing that helped me find myself again after getting lost in early motherhood. I didn’t know how important it was for me to create something from scratch, but apparently I need it. My sentimental mama heart is so full.


Meet Danica

I am a registered nurse, wife, fur-mama, and small business owner. I have a passion for holistic wellness, traveling and creating (whether that be making jewelry, home-brewing kombucha, gardening, or anything in between!) I’m in love with moving my body, being outdoors, and supervising my husband during house projects. I am thrilled for the opportunity to help you tell your life stories through our beautiful jewelry.

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