Turnaround Time

Please read the information and links listed with pieces you order. 

There is a turnaround time on each listing.  Classic keepsakes are typically 8-12 weeks, and limited edition keepsakes are 4-6 weeks (or less). We aim to send out regular jewelry (without keepsakes) within a couple days of ordering. For keepsake pieces, our turnaround time starts when we receive your inclusions, so purchase tracking when you send them to us so we are all on the same page. We do receive text alerts when inclusions arrive at our PO box. The sooner you send your inclusions to us, the sooner we can start your piece!

Thank you so much for respecting our creative process. We love what we do and are honored to make your jewelry, and we know it can be hard to wait! We have turnaround times listed in multiple places on our website and an Order Status page to keep yourself updated on your order. 

Thanks so much for understanding and being patient. We are excited to make something special for you. 

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