The Process

You can order from our Classic Keepsake collection or snag the perfect piece in one of our limited edition collection drops (follow us on instagram for updates).

Either way, we can’t wait to make jewelry that you will cherish forever.

1. Shop and order

Shop around and choose your favorite! We have classic keepsakes that are made to order. We also release limited edition keepsakes featuring more unique pieces [different styles, details, larger stones, accent stones, stamping designs, castings, etc]. It’s our chance to be creative and make one of a kind statement pieces. You send the inclusions for the stone, we make and set the stone, and send the finished jewelry to you!

Please know that ring bands cannot be re-sized. Make sure you have your size right! You can go to any jeweler and ask them to measure, it’s free!

2. Send your inclusions

See our sending inclusions page for specific instructions and the mailing address [triple bag that milk!]. Our turnaround time starts when we receive your inclusions. Don’t forget the tracking or your piece will be delayed. Our current turnaround time for classic keepsake items is 8-12 weeks, and 4-6 weeks for limited edition keepsakes.

We keep all leftover inclusions on file for future orders (except ashes, we will always send back the remaining).

3. Wait for your piece

The hardest part: waiting. We want to spend time on your jewelry because we know how special it is. And we have standards. Every piece is truly one of a kind. Whether you order a classic or something from a limited edition collection, we made it. Feel free to check our Order Status page to see where your piece is at in our process. 

Metalsmithing involves custom making each ring band, prepping the metals, soldering the joints (yes, we play with fire), cleaning and polishing the piece, and finally setting the stones. Limited edition collection pieces are even more detailed!

Stone processing involves preserving and dehydrating milk, grinding into a fine powder, mixing with resin, and applying top coats for extra protection.

4. Wear your jewelry

Yay! Your jewelry has arrived! You love it and never want to take it off. But, this jewelry is special and delicate. It’s not made for 24/7 wear. Be sure to follow our care instructions to keep your jewelry and stone happy.

The keepsake stone is the most fragile part of your jewelry. While our resin is a high quality jewelers’ resin, we don’t recommend you treat it like your wedding ring (we know you don’t take that off). Pressure, heat, water, soaps, and chemicals can all damage the stone over time. So be careful and take care of your jewelry!

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